Seven Spoon Video Portrait Series

the seven spoon video portrait series is a collection of short video clips in which a diverse group of unique women share candid perspectives on a variety of controversial and confronting topics.

Season One Episode Six: Sarah Mxxre

 Season One Episode Five: Designer Alex Carter

Season One Episode Four: Photographer Swopes

Season One Episode Three: Comedian Mona Aburmishan

Season One Episode Two: Curator Maya Ru

Season One Episode One: Model Sarah Mxxre

“i created a collection of canvas portraits featuring an outspoken teenage girl and her relatable social commentary. i named the character on the canvas portraits seven spoon. i created her to inspire girls to boldly embrace their own brand of beauty by unapologetically being themselves. i also created her to present under-represented girls and women; the type of girls i grew up with and never see in the media. seven spoon is now more of a culture and in keeping with our commitment to celebrate under-represented girls, the video collection interrupts how we look at diversity and how we expect women to behave.”